About Me


Cindy Smith

They say that the average viewer only looks at an imageone quarter of a second.  I get that. We are bombarded with images every day. We all are, whether it is fine art or advertising or Facebook images.

My hope with my photographs is that, if I can get you take out a half  second of your life to look at my images, then I have won a huge battle for your attention. And, I want to make your time worth that half second.

My hope is to take you on a journey through just some of the special places and animals in this world, some near and dear and some far and wide.

It’s a life journey, one I was able to begin in earnest after retiring from teaching art at the local high school, Lake Region Union, some six years ago.

It is a journey I hope to continue for a long time to come, so long as the money holds out, that is…..


Cindy L. Smith